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Baked Cheesy Caprese Dip

Chessy Caprese Dip 2

This is a dippable variation on a classic caprese salad (fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella). A provolone stands in for the traditional mozzarella in our version, though any mild melting cheese should work. As with a traditional caprese, it’s the zesty, fresh Basil that really takes center stage.

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Baked Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wings

Garlic Parmesan Wings 1

These are a delicious and healthier alternative to your standard deep-fried wings. The addition of fresh rosemary, thyme and basil, along with grated parmesan cheese packs enough flavor that you won’t miss the fat.

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Basil Buffalo Chicken Dip

Basil Buffalo Chicken Dip 5

Heat things up with this spicy (and easy) buffalo chicken dip. Tortilla chips and celery make great vehicles for this warm, cheesy concoction, but no need to stop there! Try it with potato chips, fresh tortillas or a sliced baguette.

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Herb and Cheese Pigs in Blankets

Herb and Cheese Wrapped Pigs in a Blanket 3

If you need more proof that fresh rosemary adds a touch of class to any dish, then look no further. These tasty little pastries are as much to make as they are to eat, and the addition of rosemary and thyme adds a depth of flavor not normally found in pigs-in-blankets.

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Smoked Cheddar Southwest Dip

Baked Cheddar Southwest Dip (4)

PrintSmoked Cheddar Southwest Dip Total Time: 30 minutes Don’t skimp on the fresh Cilantro, it’s gentle really cuts through the other flavors and brings a lightness to this stellar dish. If you’re feeling fancy, pat the corn kernels dry and char them (just a bit) in a smoking hot skillet before adding them to the […]

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