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Fried Eggs
With Sage Butter and Sage Blossoms

I usually associate sage with the winter months–it’s delectable with Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing, perfect on roast chicken and potatoes, an utter delight with yams and winter squash.  But sage is a springtime herb too, and if you have a living sage plant, it should be just starting to shoot out tiny purple blossoms.  Don’t let those springtime beauties go to waste!  Make fried eggs with sage butter and sage blossoms.

It’s as easy as making regular fried eggs, but before you put your eggs in the hot butter, add a few sage leaves, let the butter take on their nutty flavor and brown up ever so slightly, and only then add the eggs.  Once they’re cooked to your liking, sprinkle them with the fried sage leaves and fresh sage blossoms.  These eggs are the perfect accompaniment to hot buttered toast.

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